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Made to Measure: 5 Benefits of Bespoke Furniture

Bespoke furniture is often thought to be only high-end, unique pieces that are considerably more expensive than mass-produced furniture. However, not all bespoke furniture is created for designer homes where money is no object. 


There are many scenarios where bespoke furniture is required because off-the-shelf furniture is not an option, for example, it will not fit into a space or is too difficult to move into a space for assembly. There are many benefits of choosing bespoke, custom-made furniture instead of buying ready-made furniture, such as:

1. Choose the most suitable material

With bespoke furniture, you can choose exactly what you need, using the material that suits your budget and your priorities. If you want your furniture to be luxurious, then you can specify your requirements or if durability is a bigger priority, you can ensure that sturdy material is used, and it is well-constructed and made to last.

2. Unique styles

If you like to have your own, unique style that nobody else will have in their home, bespoke furniture is the best way to make sure your furniture is a one-off that you will not see anywhere else. You can choose specific colours in the design, for example, a business may want to have brand colours used in the design of the furniture to stand out from other businesses and to reinforce their brand. 

3. High quality

While mass-produced furniture can be more cost effective, if you want high quality furniture, you are more likely to get it with bespoke furniture which will be skillfully crafted and usually made from better quality materials.

4. Durability

When you buy bespoke furniture the quality and construction of it should ensure that it is much more durable than furniture that has been mass-produced. If you need furniture to last for a long time, for example, if the furniture will be well used, a more durable option will save you from needing to replace the furniture on a regular basis. 

5. Choose dimensions

When you are having your furniture made to order you can choose the dimensions, so if there is a limited amount of space for a table or you need a certain shape to fit into a gap, you can request this. Also, if there are problems accessing the space where the furniture is due to be placed, the piece of furniture can be designed to ensure that access is not a problem. For example, if there are narrow stairs, some furniture items might not fit through the space. A bed frame could be designed to be two separate halves that are joined together when being assembled.


Landlord Furniture understands the many problems that landlords can face when it comes to finding the right type of furniture, which is why the bespoke service is the ideal solution. Large furniture can be constructed as modular sections to overcome access issues and dimensions can be requested to suit each property layout, room shape and size.

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